A gift from Pastor Tommy to you!

I am so thankful to Jesus for helping me find refuge for children from the sex industry, reach the unreached with the gospel, and return persecuted Jews back home to Israel.

The Lord has blessed me with a number of crosses, made of exclusive olivewood from the Holy Land. Do you want a cross? The Lord told me to give them away for free. Why? Well, because it is a way for Jesus to express that He loves you – you are valuable!

All I need is your address and I will have the cross delivered for free to your mailbox.

In the love of Christ,
Tommy Lilja

2016 – Living to help as many as possible!

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What we are doing is for real

Demons are cast out and the multitudes run to Jesus.

Miracles follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God is for real – live it for real!